The introduction of Airpods was one of the most shocking, as well as, exciting things Apple did in the year 2016. With the introduction of Airpods, as most of the people know, the manufacturer removed the audio jacks from the device during this period, which came as a shock to most of the fans and at the same time exciting to another half of the fans.

However, in the year, 2019 Apple launched the 2nd generation model of Airpods and they came with a slight difference from the previous model. The 2nd generation Airpods came with features like “Siri” support, wireless charging case, and larger battery backup. Nevertheless, with the introduction of 2nd generation Airpods, the previous model was discontinued.

If you already own an Airpod 2, then you will be depressed to hear that fact that, the 3rd generation Airpods will be launched this year itself at the end with features, which will shock every fan and customers.

Airpods 3 release date –

The previous generation Airpods were released in April and March, what if we say that, there will be a launch and release of 3rd generation Airpods this year itself? It would be shocking to most of the fans and customers. Nevertheless, our trusted sources have revealed that Apple is planning to release and launch a 3rd generation Airpod before the end of this year.

As most of people know, Apple does not launch any product alone. They have a legacy in launching more than one product at a time. So, there are rumors that the 3rd generation Airpod can be expected to be launched with the next generation iPhone only, however, until an official announcement is made, we cannot predict how are things going to play out.

What can we expect in Airpods 3 Features?

While the 2nd generation Airpod almost came with a set of attractive features, it is expected that the all-new 3rd generation Airpod might come with much more exciting features.

  • Noise cancellation – What good is an earphone without an efficient noise cancellation feature? Noise cancellation is one of the top features that might come incorporated into Airpods 3. When fan requests are considered, this is one of the most requested features.
  • Biometric sensors – Most of the people might wonder what a biometric sensor could do on an Airpod, the biometric sensor we are talking about refers to the one that could record and report heartbeat rate, body temperature, and other important health metrics. Based on the latest information we obtained, we can clearly say that this feature could be incorporated into the 3rd generation Airpods as the brand has already filed a patent for this feature. However, there no concrete evidence that the biometric sensor could be for the above-mentioned purpose.
  • Wireless charging – Incorporating wireless charging into everything is a trend today, Apple might do the same with Airpods. Both the Airpods and charging case might come with a wireless charging feature.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 – Apple has a legacy in updating and incorporating latest and better connectivity features to their products. The latest Airpods might come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity feature, which could enhance the quality of audio and enhance battery backup at the same time.
  • Water-resistance – The current 2nd generation Airpods lacks water-resistance feature, there are rumors that water-resistance feature could be one of the top features that might be incorporated into the 3rd generation Airpods.
  • Design change – The first and 2nd generation Airpods come in almost the same design style. We expect that with the incorporation of water resistance and noise-cancellation feature, the entire design of Airpods could be changed.
  • Better battery capacity – Noise cancellation can consume a lot of power, to keep the noise cancellation functioning, Apple should find ways to either decrease the use of power or to increase the battery capacity to support the feature. Therefore, we can expect the battery capacity to increase in an unexpected proportion.

AirPods 3 Price –

  • AirPods 3 price: around £229/$229

When it comes to price, it is not that easy to predict a reasonable value. However, to our expertise, we can expect the price to be around 200 to 300 dollars.

What else can we expect in Airpod 3?

While the first and 2nd generation Airpods are available in white color only, we expect that the 3rd generation Airpod might come in different colors. Yes, Apple might launch Airpods 3 in different color variants. However, it would be foolish to expect more than two or more colors; at most, the Airpods might come in three-color variants, white, black, and some shade of red.

To know more about Airpods 3, stay tuned to this website. We will keep update as soon as we get new information about the device. The new Airpods 3 will be released in a few months and let us hope it will not let us down.