Best Fabric Cases for iPhone 11 : iPhone 11 is undoubtedly the best looking, reliable and highly expensive smartphone to have today. However, although the phone’s build quality is better than the previous generations, still if you want to keep your iPhone look as good as new, you should be looking for a case that can provide the phone proper safety without ruining the overall looks and feel of the phone.

Here, in this article we are going to look for a great looking case that is perfect for the iPhones, provides great safety to your smartphone. The fabric case looks amazing on any smartphone and of you are looking for the iPhone fabric cases, then there a wide range of designs and textures that will be a great choice for you and will provide your phone a new and extremely exciting look.

Best iPhone 11 fabric cases

Let’s have a deeper look at the five most reliable and great looking fabric cases for iPhone 11 that are trending in the market and are perfect for the buyers who are looking for looks, comfort, and efficiency. We have shortlisted these cases especially for the iPhone 11 and all of them provide a perfect fit to the phone making them an ideal choice for the buyers. So, just go through them and then decide which one of them is a suitable case for iPhone and goes with your identity.

All the cases we are listing here are thoroughly reviewed in terms of quality, efficiency and perfect fit. So, you won’t have to worry about the fit or performance of the case for your iPhone 11. Try your hands on it, and then decide which one of them is an ideal case for your smartphone.

#1. Lopie [Sea Island Cotton Series] Slim Card Case Compatible for iPhone 11 Pro 2019

For the buyers who are looking to buy a perfect fabric case that is great to look at, has an amazing feel and provides great protection to your iPhone, the Lopie slim card case will be an ideal deal to go with. With a perfect combination of fabric and leather material this case provides the phone a perfect safety against all odds, without actually ruining the looks of the phone.

Along with providing a perfect fabric looks and feel to the phone, the leather pouch on the back also provides this case a unique look that makes it look different and highly useful and efficient to look at.

Three reasons why we have included this fabric cover in the list of the best fabric case for iPhone 11 are build quality, touch and feel, and agreat fit for the iPhone 11. The build quality of the case is top-notch and you are not going to find any loopholes like proper stitching or others. The fabric touch of the case and great design makes it an ideal choice for the iPhone 11 owners who are looking to buy a perfect case for their expensive smartphone.


  • Available in different colors and textures
  • Leather cardholder to keep the essentials
  • Available for all models of iPhone 11


  • The cardholder may loosen up with time

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#2. Bigphilo iPhone 11 Case with Card Holder

IF you were looking forward to buying something unique that holds the phone brilliantly and also helps you to carry the essential cards and money with you to deal with the emergencies, the BIgPhilo iPhone 11 fabric case will be an ideal case to go with. With brilliant back coverage and proper support to the screen, this fabric case is a perfect choice for those buyers who are looking for a case that makes their iPhone look more premium and provides practical safety to the smartphone.

Some of the best things that we experienced about the Bigphilo iPhone 11 fabric case are listed below. Go through them and then decide this case is a perfect choice for your phone or not.

The first positive thing that we loved about the case is the perfect fit that is meant to last longer than usual. Whether you are using it roughly or are using the card pouch more often than usual, you won’t find any issues regarding the fit or finish. Also, the leather quality used for the card pouch is relatively superior to the other similar products. In all, if you were after the quality and efficiency of the product, you should be looking for this amazingly designed fabric case for your new iPhone 11.


  • Great fit and awesome design
  • High-quality PU leather that will last longer without any issues
  • High-quality stitches to make it look more premium case


  • No camera protection

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#3. joliwow for iPhone 11 2019 case

For the buyers who are looking for a bareback case for their iPhone and are looking for the best one available in the market, the joliwow case for iPhone 11 will be an ideal choice. The Perfect combination of PU and fabric provides it a royal look and if you were after a reliable fabric cover that works well in every condition and provide the iPhone a perfect look, this case will be a great choice to look for.

Along with the looks, design and perfect cuts, there are several other positive things about the joliwow case for iPhone 11 that make it a worthy buy for every iPhone 11 owner. So, try your hands on it, and provide your phone a new look and feel to look different from the other iPhone owners.

The first major thing that you are going to notice about the case is the perfect finish. With the brilliant looks and perfect feel, this is relatively more superior to touch and provides the phone a better grip than using it without any case of skin. Also, the Anti-shock function of the case makes it a perfect buy for those buyers who often drop their smartphones or aren’t able to handle it correctly.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Provides great grip to the phone
  • Available in different colors


  • None so far

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#4. iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, Luminous Knitted Fabric Cover

For the buyers who are looking to get a rugged look and yet want to use a fabric cover on their iPhone, the Joyroom’s knitted fabric cover will be a perfect choice to go with. Along with a unique look, brilliant quality and efficient design, there are several other things to look for if you purchase this amazing cover for your lovable iPhone. Although there are several things to mention, we will be talking here about the top two things about the case that make it better choice than similar other products.

The first thing that differentiates it from the other products is the rugged looks. Regardless of the design, you choose the case looks extremely strong and durable which is not the case with other iPhone fabric cases available in the market. So, if you were looking for something that looks super strong and is great to hold, the Joyroom’s iPhone 11 case will be an ideal deal to go with. Another brilliant feature that makes it a perfect choice for the iPhone owners is the perfect grip that solves the problem of the buyers who think their iPhones are bit too slippery to hold and use.


  • Fits perfectly to the iPhone new generation
  • Hard PC for better durability and life
  • Available in different designs


  • Heavier than other fabric cases

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#5. Evutec iPhone 11 PRO 5.8 Inch Northill Premium Leather Unique Heavy Duty Case

For the buyers who are looking to buy a highly durable case that is built with high-quality material that is literally not offered by other brands, the Evutec iPhone 11 case will be a great choice to go with. Along with the genuine leather and high-quality anti-scratch fabric, this is a perfect choice for the buyers looking for a premium quality phone cover for their iPhone 11. So, try your hands on this amazing case and experience the difference between the quality of the material and finish all by yourself.

The things that make the Evutec iPhone case better than the other cases available in the market are great design, highly durable build, and the perfect fit that is meant to last regardless of how roughly you use it The added layer of genuine leather makes it look really premium case and it will add more premium looks to your iPhone 11.


  • Extremely reliable
  • Provides great support to the phone
  • Great to look at


  • Expensive

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These were the five iPhone 11 fabric cases that are great to have for the iPhone owners, have the amazing build quality and are perfect fit to deal with normal dents and drops that may damage the phone if the device is being used without any case or protection. So, make your iPhone 11 safe from the dents, without compromising with the looks and quality, and buy the best one out of the above-listed products according to your preferences and budget.