iPads are replacing the laptops now. With all the new features and the new iPad OS, this adaptation is happening at a faster rate. You get support for a keyboard, a pencil and your iPad can now even support a mouse. With all these features, replacing the laptop with the iPad makes more sense. One important aspect of iPad is carrying the iPad wherever you go. We are sure that you would not wish to carry it in a hard case which makes your iPad look thick or you would not like to use a case that is not compatible with your smart keyboard. In such a case, what do you think the best case choice would be? What if we suggest you to use an iPad sleeve? It’s portable, sleek and it even looks really stylish.

Yes, it would certainly be a good idea to use an iPad sleeve and if you recently purchase an iPad 10.2 inch 2019 model then we have good news for you. We have compiled a list of best iPad 10.2 inch sleeves for you here and you can check them out in the section below.

Top 9 Best iPad 10.2 Inch Sleeves in 2021

Here is the list of the best iPad 10.2 inch sleeves. These sleeves can easily accommodate your iPad along with the smart keyboard and they can even accommodate your Apple Pencil. You can check out the list below and remember that these iPad sleeves are available in different sizes so you can purchase anything between 10 inches and 11.5 inches for your iPad. So, go ahead and check out the list.

#1. MoKo 10-11 Inch Tablet Sleeve Case Bag, PU Leather Cover

If you are looking for something that comes with a leather design then check out this sleeve from MoKo. This sleeve is made of PU Leather and it perfectly fits the iPad 10.2 inch. There is an inside pocket which can accommodate your cards and it also has a magnetic flap to secure the iPad inside the case. This is a perfect case for the people who need their iPad in a formal setting. The best part here is that it is available in 4 different colors which include 2 shades of Black and 2 shades of brown.

USP: Leather Design

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#2. Lacdo Tablet Sleeve Case Compatible 10.2-inch New IPad 2019

This iPad sleeve from Lacdo is a modern looking iPad sleeve which is made of a water repellent design. You get 2 colors in this design which are blue and gray. The interior material used here is ananti-static shockproof fluffy fleece fabric which protects the iPad in case of a drop as well. There is also an external pocket which can accommodate your card or even your iPhone. The front zipper pockets add a lot of value to the design because of the fact that it can easily accommodate charger and other accessories as well.

USP: Modern Looking Design

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#3. Tomtoc 11 inch Tablet Sleeve Case

Another amazingly well-design tablet sleeve on our list is from Tomtoc. You really need to check out the design of this sleeve and we are sure that you will be completely impressed. This laptop sleeve comes with enough space to accommodate your Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Along with this, the sleeve can accommodate your charger, wireless mouse and even a power bank. It is very spacious and it is a soft fleece internal lining to protect your iPad from scratches and bumps. The 3 layer protection offered by this sleeve is certainly worth the price and this sleeve is also available in 9 colors/design.

USP: 3 Layer Protection for iPad

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#4. MoKo 10.5-11 Inch Tablet Sleeve Bag

This is the second product from MoKo on our list and it is perfect for the all because of the fact that it comes with a matching small felt bag which can be used as a purse. The sleeve features a dual pocket design which can accommodate an iPad and iPhone along with some cash as well. Interiors have a soft lining and the Velcro secures your iPad in one place. The small bag can be used as a wallet or you can even carry your accessories in that small bag. Certainly something that we would recommend everyone.

USP: Comes with a Small Felt Bag

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#5. RICHEN 9.7 10 10.1 10.2 inches Messenger Bag Carrying Case Sleeve

On number 6, we have a messenger bag carrying case sleeve which is available in 9 different colors. The sleeve comes with a removable shoulder strap and it also comes with soft handles and dual zipper to secure your iPad. The sleeve has quite an amazing design and it also features external pocket to keep the mouse and cable securely. The material used here is neoprene which is known for being gentle on electronics. Apart from this, the cool design on the front makes it an attractive investment.

USP: Offers a lot of versatility.

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#6. Lacdo Shockproof Tablet Sleeve Case for 10.2-inch New IPad 2019

This is yet another product from Lacdo on our list and this sleeve will attract your attention instantly because of the dual-tone color used. The colors available here includes black-purple, black-green and black-red. The bag is made of waterproof neoprene fabric and the interior of the bag also has anti-shock bubbles to protect the iPad as well as the screen of the iPad. The external pocket can easily be used to store the accessories and hence you do not have to worry about carrying charger separately. If you are looking for something affordable and attractive then you must certainly check out this sleeve.

USP: Dual-tone colors and protective fabric

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#7. iColor Tablet Sleeve Shoulder Bag 10.2″ 10″ 8″

We also have an iPad sleeve from iColor and this one is available in 9 attractive designs. The sleeve is water resistant and it comes with dual zipper as well. This sleeve has edge guard protector which can easily protect your iPad from the bumps. The best part about this sleeve is that it comes with a shoulder strap which can be latched on and removed very easily. In terms of the storage space, it has an external pocket to store the accessories. The sleeve can easily be cleaned as it is made of washable material

USP: Available in 9 graphical design

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#8. YIDA 10-Inch Laptop Shoulder Sleeve Case and Tablet Bag

On number 9, we have iPad sleeves from Yida. This brand is known for manufacturing colorful designer iPad sleeves. The fabric here is neoprene which not only protects the iPad from the dust but also guarantees protection from scratches. The neoprene is also known for being water resistant. You get a removable shoulder strap as a standard and there is also a side zipper to store the accessories like charger, wireless mouse and other such things. There are 5 options in terms of graphics and they all are stunning.

USP: High Quality and Durable Sleeve

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#9 Tomtoc Portfolio Case for 11 inch iPad Pro / 10.2 new iPad 2019

This is the last iPad sleeve on our list and it deserves a special mention because apart from being an iPad sleeve, it is also a business storage pad folio and organizer. It has a triple layer design which gives it enough space to store the accessories. You get elastic straps, card slots, large zipped mesh and a notebook slot in this organizer which makes it one of the most organized sleeves in the market. The design has an external hard shell which not only protects the content from the pressure but also from splashes of water.

USP: Hard shell organizer.

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Final Verdict

These are the best iPad 10.2 inch sleeves available in the market and all of these are compatible with the 2019 iPad 10.2 inch mode. You can check out for different designs, materials and colors available in these sleeves and this will make it easy for you to choose the best one for yourself. We have listed these iPad sleeves in a varying price range and hence you will certainly find some something in all budget options that you wish to purchase.

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