Best iPhone 11 Belt Clip Cases : It can be quite difficult to carry your iPhone 11 in the pocket all the time. Belt Clip cases can offer you a lot of protection to your phone and at the same time, they can make it really easy to carry the iPhone 11 with you. So, go ahead and check out the list of best iPhone 11 Belt Clip Cases below.

Belt Clip cases are one of the most preferred types of phone cases and they become a blessing with iPhone 11. This is mainly because of the fact that the new generation Belt Clip Cases not only comes with a holster but some of them also comes with a protective case which offers the best protection to iPhone. These cases are built with ultra-strong material and they often have a clip at the back so that you can easily latch it up to your belt.

After a lot of research, we have carefully compiled a list of best iPhone 11 Belt Clip Cases and you can check out the list below to find the suitable case for yourself. Remember that it would be best to opt for a case that not only helps you in carrying the phone but that also helps you in protecting the phone in case of a drop.

Here are the best top 5 Belt Clip cases for iPhone 11 without the details.
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Best iPhone 11 Belt Clip Cases in 2021

#1. Nylon Belt Holster For iPhone 11 With Rugged Case


If you are looking for a traditional magnetic style holster for your iPhone 11 then this is the perfect product for you. This cover can easily accommodate phone with the protective case and the inner side is made of a very soft fabric to protect your phone. You can also store 4 ID cards or Credit Cards in the case. The top flip lid has magnetic closure which holds the phone in place and nylon offers ultimate strength to the case. The belt loops are reinforced to give you more confidence while using this belt case.

USP: Has Integrated ID card Slots

#2. Bomea iPhone 11 Holster, Rugged Nylon Cell Phone Holster Case with Belt Clip

This case from Bomea is a modern looking cell phone holster case which also comes with a belt clip. This case offers a lot of versatility to the user as you can clip it vertically or even horizontally. The material used here is nylon and you will be glad to know that this iPhone case also has space to hold a pen. This means that you would not have to look around for a pen when you need it. This case from Bomea is a perfect fusion of traditional design and innovative ideas. You can certainly go ahead and choose this case if you are looking for a versatile product.

USP: Highly Versatile

#3. DeBin iPhone 11 Premium Leather Belt Holster Case with Belt Clip


This case from DeBin is one of the most premium belt case is our list. It is made of very premium quality leather and it is a perfect case to carry with formal or casual attire. The case is highly durable and the company also offers 1 year warranty on this iPhone case. Getting into more details, the phone case comes with soft inner lining along with 2 belt loops and a magnetic closure to keep your phone safe. You can store your iPhone in this holster with or without a case.

USP: Made of Premium Leather

#4. Stronden iPhone 11 Holster Leather Belt Case with Belt Clip


If you are looking for a holster belt case that can accommodate the phone without the case or that can accommodate iPhone 11 with thin covers then you must check out this product as well. This one comes with clip and loops to offer protection along with flexibility. Apart from this, the case also has slots to store ID card, Case or even Credit Card. The top has magnetic closure access which secures the phone in place and the soft inner lining ensures optimal protection for your phone.

USP:Has Integrated ID card/ Credit Card Slots

#5. De-Bin iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max, Xs Max, XR, Holster with Zipper Storage Rugged Pouch Belt Holder


Do you wish to carry headphones with you all the time? Do you find it difficult to store them? Well, check out this iPhone 11 Holster Belt Case which can not only accommodate your iPhone 11 but it can also store a pen and there is also a dedicated pocket for keeping your headphones. If you use Airpods then do not worry as the case can even accommodate Airpods for you. This case from De-Bin can be latched vertically or horizontally and the brand offers 1 year warranty on this sturdy case to ensure that you do not face any issues during the regular usage.

USP: Has a Pocket for Headphones and Airpods

#6. Encased iPhone 11 Belt Clip Case (Thin Armor) Slim-Grip Cover with Holster


It certainly makes a lot more sense to opt for armored cases which can protect your phone during the drop. If you are looking for one such case with belt clip then check out this product from Encased. This one comes with a clip which is easy to attach to the belt. The case is also compatible with the wireless chargers and the company uses reinforced steel rivets at every stress point to improve the durability.  You can easily mount or unmount the phone with the help of this new design.

USP: Minimalistic Design

#7. Encased iPhone 11 Belt Clip Case (2019) Ultra Slim Clear Back Cover with Holster


iPhone 11 is available in many different colors and in such a case you might feel disappointed with a black case which doesn’t show off the color of the iPhone to you. To avoid this disappointment, Encased came up with this transparent design as well which ensures that you are able to showcase the color of your iPhone 11. You get a companion holster along with this transparent case which can easily help you in attaching the iPhone to the belt. You can certainly invest in this case and feel the difference in quality.

USP: Comes with Transparent iPhone Case

#8. ZIZO Bolt Series iPhone 11 Case – Heavy-Duty Military-Grade Drop Protection


Dropping an iPhone is a nightmare and to save you from the shattered screen, Zizo came up with an iPhone case which offers military-grade drop protection. This case is available in multiple colors but one thing remains common between all of these covers. They offer you the best in class protection and they all come with a kickstand and a belt clip holster. There is more to this product. Zizo also offers a tempered glass to protect your screen as well. The company has tested the covers with 12 feet drop test. There is also a hidden card slot and rotatable clip in this product

USP: Military Grade Drop Protection

Final Verdict

This was all about the best iPhone 11 Belt Clip Cases. We are sure that you will find a case for yourself from this list. If you are looking for any other iPhone accessories then do let us know in the comment section and we will surely compile a list of such accessories available in the market. With this, we sign-off and before closing the page, do visit the product page and check out the deals on the case that you love the most.

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