Imagine you are a salesperson, and your client calls are very important; therefore, you don’t want to miss the calls from your clients. You may keep your phone in the bag, but sometimes it may get delayed to pick a call, as you have to remove the phone from your bag, and then pick the call. So having a provision where you can keep your phone near becomes quite necessary.

The easiest and convenient way to access your phone we could think of is having a belt clip case. As soon as you receive a call, you can access your phone in one single move. There are a lot of different belt clip cases in the market, but we researched one of the best ones you can buy. They are not only a provision to easily access your phone but also a way to protect your phone from scratches and prevent it from breaking.

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Top 5 Best iPhone Belt Clip Cases

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Best iPhone SE 2021 Belt Clip Cases

#1. Shell Holster Combo Case for Apple iPhone SE by Aduro


At first, we bring for you a high-rated combo case for Apple iPhone SE. This product is brought to you by Aduro, who manufactures and sells one of the best phone cases. This product is compatible with multiple versions and carriers. To help you with grip, the case is made of rubber type texture. It also comes with the shell case cover that has a kick-stand built-in, along with a belt clip case. The kick-stand case cover assists with hands-free viewing. The viewing position can be horizontal or vertical. This kick-stand case cover and belt clip case cover is compatible with iPhone SE, 5, and 5S. When you receive a call, you can easily pick your phone from the holster with no fuss. There is no need to remove the phone from the case every time when you want to access it.


  • The locking mechanism is sturdy.
  • Rubber texture helps with gripping.
  • It can be used for iPhone SE, 5S, and 5.
  • One of the best product available in this category.
  • User ratings – 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.
  • Best material quality.


  • One of the users said that the case broke after 15 days.
  • Some users faced difficulty in removing the phone from the holster.

#2. Shell Holster Combo Case for Apple iPhone Se by WizGear

Quite similar to the first product that we reviewed; the next product is from WizGear. Compatible with iPhone SE, 5, and 5S, this case is slim in design and a perfect fit for your phone. It has a rubber coating that provides the best grip and the material used to make this is durable polycarbonate.

This accessory is good to keep your phone in good shape. This has a combo case where you get a kick-stand case, along with the belt clip case. Different carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint mobiles are compatible with this product. On the iPhone 5S case you can also use earphones while it is on the holster. The kick-stand case helps in viewing vertically and horizontally. This best iPhone SE 2020 Belt Clip Case is a convenient way to protect your phone from wear and tear that can occur daily.


  • Lightweight and easy to hold.
  • Sturdy and easy to remove from the holster.
  • Rubber coating helps with gripping.
  • User ratings – 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.
  • Slim in design and convenient to use.
  • Users say this product is tough, durable and protective.


  • Seller didn’t respond after user contacted for a broken case.
  • Takes a lot of time to remove the phone from the holster.

#3. iPhone 5 5c 5s SE Leather Holster by De-Bin

This best iPhone SE 2020 Belt clip case is made of premium leather material, sold by De-Bin. You can slide your phone in the leather case and can pick it up whenever needed. 5.4 x 0.8 x 3 inches is the dimension of this product. You have an XL size of the case, where you can fit iPhone, SE, 5, and 5S which already has LifeProof case, battery case, hybrid armor case, or any otterbox case. The pouch consists of one belt clip, 2 additional belt loops, and one strong magnetic closure. To prevent the phone from nicking and scraping the inner lining of the leather case is made of soft material. The product is such that it gives you a professional look and builds in great confidence. This product will make you comfortable if you are fed up of having a bulky smartphone in your pocket. The seller has a wide variety of different cases for different phones available.


  • Stylish design and strong closure.
  • Boosts confidence in you.
  • The best protection for your phone.
  • Good product for the price.
  • User ratings – 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.
  • Users said it’s a sturdy holster with premium quality.


  • One user complained that iPhone 5s with Otterbox cases don’t work with this product.
  • The product is not as advertised.

#4. Holster Case for iPhone SE2, 6, 6S, 7 and 8 by Aduro

Another product by the Aduro, which is an excellent case for Holster Case for iPhone SE2, 6, 6S, 7, and 8. They work with all different storage sizes, versions, and carriers. The texture of the product is much like a premium rubber, providing a good grip for handling your phone. The holster can be turned 180 degrees along with a pivot that holds it. You also get a kick-stand case so that you can use your phone hands-free. The viewing angle on the kick-stand is vertical and horizontal. The design is such that you can remove your phone from the holster and also keep the case along with the phone while doing that. The phone looks neat when it is in the case and the holster.


  • Designed for different versions of iPhones.
  • Belt clip and kick-stand in one product.
  • Rubber-like texture helps with the grip.
  • Kick-stand helps with vertical and horizontal viewing.
  • User ratings – 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.
  • Easy and convenient to use.


  • Some users experienced an issue while fitting this product with iPhone 8.

#5. DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPhone SE by OtterBox

Next product is by OtterBox and this series called as Defender Series. You can choose from different colors if you are not a fan of black colored cases. This product is compatible with iPhone SE 2nd Gen, 7, and 8. The variations available are black, big sur, marathoner, purple nebula, and stormy peaks. These variations are a combo of different colors.

This best iPhone SE 2021 Belt case package also includes a kickstand for hands-free media viewing. This is an ideal cover from dust and debris. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is 100% authentic. If you need protection from drops and daily adventures, such as action and accidents, this is the ideal product. All your worries about protection will be gone once you start using this holster case.


  • Compatible with iPhone SE 2nd Gen, 7 and 8.
  • Triple defense layer, touchscreen protector, inner shell, and outer cover.
  • Tagged under Amazon’s choice.
  • Users said that this is very durable and the best iPhone case ever.
  • User ratings – 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.4


  • Customers said that the cover is peeling only after two months of use.
  • Some variations don’t show the apple logo.

#6. iPhone SE Belt Clip Case by Encased

The best way to handle and control your phone is by having the best case cover. Encased has brought its customers a premium iPhone SE Belt Clip Case. This product is compatible with iPhone SE and iPhone 8. Designed in a particular way so that you can access all the controls and functions of your phone.

To help you with grip, this best iPhone SE Belt Clip case has a rubber finish, so that they won’t slip easily from your hands. The material used is solid-core polycarbonate. The rotating clip aids in vertical and horizontal viewing. The slide-inn design helps to mount and unmount the phone easily. Encased claims to be the #1 belt manufacturer. One of the best cases you can find and trust.


  • Rubber grip for better handling.
  • Compatible with iPhone SE and 8.
  • Easy to control the functions of the phone.
  • Good quality and easy access.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • Users ratings – 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.


  • Material is flimsy around the controls.
  • Some users complained that this didn’t fit iPhone 8.

Winding up:

You always want your phone to be easily accessible, as the tendency of missing calls is more in this fast-moving life, so these are the best products to make your life convenient while you have to attend frequent calls. Were you able to choose a product for your iPhone SE? I hope you did. We also hope the information was helpful for you to decide on a product.

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