If you are equipped with one of the most valuable investments in materialistic things then it necessary to provide the ultimate safety accessories. MacBook Pro is one of the best investments one can carry out but there are some of the prevalent concerns regarding the safety issue of eyes lies. While working for several hours or after getting out of any disease one needs to take proper care of their eyes. If you are a movie buff or work quite late then the need for a screen protector is mandatory.

These protectors not only provide healing to eyes but also helps to keep your screen safe from scratches, dirt, and other materials. Apart from these the viewing angle features are quite helpful for maintaining privacy as well as giving a prescribed viewing experience to the user. While using these screen protector you can get par level of viewing experience as these are made of quality materials. With a good screen protector, you can attain maximum safety to eyes and also some of the good safety functions for your MacBook’s screen.

Best Screen Protectors for 16 inch MacBook Pro

These are some of the following bets screen protectors that provide optimal safety the eyes. With these features and attributes, you will get a good value for money. Apart from other perks the price range is quite budgetary which helps to attain these safety accessories.

#1. MacBook Pro 16 inch HD Privacy Screen Protector Filter

This HD privacy screen protector is equipped with an easy installation technique. The magnetic filter installment is easy to install and remove, peel off any time if you need and bubble-free. The newly added webcam cover function makes easy on and off, prevent hackers from intruding through the network to monitor, watching or record.

The privacy filter f this screen protector is way advanced as it has a visible angle of 30 degrees. The higher clarity than other brands, privacy filter thickness: 0.4mm makes it quite efficient. The screen data is only visible to the people in front of the screen, viewing from the side shows a dark and unclear screen, blocks blue light 35%. The manufacturing technique of this screen protector involves the use of par quality material. The package has large size premium microfiber cloth for cleaning your screen.

This screen protector is suitable for vivid places such as public places, business meetings, open-style offices, financial institutions, cafes, airplanes, trains, etc., protects your sensitive information, your passwords, personal content, etc. one of the best features of this screen protector is the privacy feature which shows the difference on user environment and the screen brightness, the strong light environment, and lower screen brightness.

What we like:

  • Magnetic filter
  • Premium microfiber cloth
  • TPU keyboard
  • Privacy Screen

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#2. FORITO 2-Pack Compatible MacBook Pro 16-Inch Screen Protector

This protector is specifically designed for 2019 released new Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch with touch bar and touch id Model A2141. It comes with some of the handy functions such as Blue light filter, Anti-Glare, UV400 protection, Radiation Protection, Anti-static, relieve the fatigue of eyes and helps you sleep better. This screen protector is perfect for a short-sighted person, baby mother, school student, office worker, social media addict, online gamer, fashion lover, etc.

One of the new technique used in this protector is the bubble adsorption design that can remove all small bubbles by the press with Scraping card. The Anti-glare Matte process reduces glare & visual fatigue. The package includes Screen protector x2, Gift Cleaning Cloth x1.

Some of the essential features of this screen protector are Anti-static Screen protector, Anti-scratch Screen protector, 100% UV400 Blocking Screen protector, Radiation Protection Screen protector. This budget screen protector enables you to get optimal safety under a good price which makes it quite preferable.

What we like:

  • Blue light filter
  • Enhanced 7 Layers Anti-blue Light Filter
  • Anti-static Screen protector
  • Radiation Protection Screen protector

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#3. Magnetic MacBook Pro 16 inch Privacy Screen

This MacBook Pro 16” compatible screen protector comes with Mobile Privacy Screen Filter protects your privacy by protecting any sensitive information that is leaked. One of the best features includes the privacy screen also helps protect your screen from dust and scratches. The foremost function of this protection screen is to provide privacy as well as filtering out glare that may affect the eyes.

You can easily attach this screen protector without damaging your screen. The availability of a special pouch to store your privacy film when not in use is an effective approach. With these features, it also comes with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee that provides stress-free usage to the users. Anyone within your MacBook pro-privacy filter’s 60-degree viewing angle will be able to read your screen.

After investing money in your device you can get a good screen protector as well, which helps you to keep your MacBook’s screen safe. This product is apt for providing longevity to your mac screen.If you want to attain one of the best screen protectors which provide all of the features in a legible pricing option then this is the one you should opt for. With this screen protector, you can save a hefty sum of money by taking proper care of your eyes.

What we like:

  • Privacy filter
  • Pouch for storing
  • Viewing privacy
  • Warranty

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#4. FILMEXT MacBook Pro 16 inch New Removable HD Privacy Screen Protector Filters

With one of the best in class privacy screens which perfectly fits NEW MacBook Pro 16 inch touch bar and non-touch bar 2019. The screen protector shows the same resolution viewing from the front side that feels the quite comfortable and non-eye strain in a long time using. The bubble-free design with a silicone seal at the border makes the removable process easy.

The performance of this screen protector helps to accurately read the data from the front side but it is a dark screen when viewing from the side. It blocks 35% blue light and protects your eyes. Apart from these the anti-scratch coating prevents scratching from daily use. It comes with some of the essential accessories that include a large size premium microfiber cloth for cleaning your screen. An ultra-thin keyboard film, a white backer works as the storage in good condition when the filter is not in use.

This screen protector can be used in of public places, business meetings, open offices, financial institutions, cafes, airplanes, trains, etc. it efficiently protect your sensitive information, passwords, personal content, etc. the icing on the cake is the Strong light environment and low screen brightness.

What we like:

  • Silicone seal at border
  • Privacy angle
  • Premium microfiber cloth
  • Privacy screen protector

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#5. UPPERCASE GhostBlanket Screen Keyboard Imprint Protection Microfiber Liner

This is one of the screen protectors that is designed to prevent keyboard imprints and oil transfers onto MacBook screens. The premium durable high-density blend of microfiber with 0.4mm thickness provides longevity. With the precise laser-trimmed edge one can get long-lasting durability with superior tear resistance.

The materials used while making this screen protector effectively removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, grime, oil, and dirt from screens and all other smooth surfaces.The accurate dimension for this product is 13.19 in. x 8.425 in. (335mm x 214mm). If you are susceptible to screen size of your mac then measure this before the purchase.

With the High-quality microfiber blend design, you can get ultimate cleanliness just with small efforts. Microfiber cloth helps to protect the mac screen from keyboard imprints, oil transfers, and other contaminants. It is made for preventing marks from the keyboard to the screen when the laptop is closed.  Some of the key features include high shine, with an easy organizer cap. The materials include an alcohol-free cleaner that is used for cleaning the screen.

What we like:

  • Premium, durable high-density microfiber
  • Alcohol-free cleaner
  • Polycarbonate material

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#6. ZOEGAA MacBook Pro 16 Privacy Screen Filter

This is one of the best screen protectors that is equipped with the latest research and development privacy filter with high clarity. This screen protector makes the user feel the comfortable and non-eye strain if you are using it for a long time. With MacBook pro-privacy screen visible angle that provides +/- 30 degrees.

This technique enables only the person in front of the screen can see and for others only black screen. This provides the privacy of the essential work. With the privacy screen protectors and eye protection that protects your essential senses. Other than that it also helps to protect your screen from dust and scratches.

The HD privacy protector screen cab is used in different workplaces such as financial institutions, cafes, airplanes, trains, meetings, open offices. It resists getting your essential information’s in the hand of hackers. The complete detachable and reusable screen makes it quite efficient to use. The silicone used for the manufacturing resists your screen from getting dirty. The silicone seal near the edge enables to restrict the entry of dirt and debris from entering the MacBook screen.

What we like:

  • High clarity
  • HD privacy screen protector
  • Silicone seal near the edge

Above are some of the best screen protector as per the quality and price range. If you are planning to provide your MacBook ultra-safe accessories then you can easily choose from these. The assurance of quality is foremost as these screen protectors provide a penultimate level of relief to the eyes. Apart from these key features, the guarantee provided by different products gives a stress-free usage. One of the main concerns while buying any product is the life of the product. The guarantee provided is the assurance of the longevity rest assured the quality of the material adds extra lifetime to these products. Some of the products come with an easy install and uninstall process that makes it quite effective for the users.

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