If you want to provide safety to your price possession of apple product then the casing or sleeve is necessary. If you are investing a hefty sum for buying a device that provides you stylish look and satisfaction then giving it much safety is also important. For providing ultimate safety to your MacBook, the sleeves are the best product. It provides much safety and sleek design which looks way classier than a backpack and other coverings.

Sleeves are the safety coverings for a laptop or your notebook which provides safety against dents, scratches and other harmful things. Apart from safety one of the major attribute of this is the stylish look it provides. The sleek and stylish design of MacBook readily makes it clear that it needs something classier which compliments the look of the laptop. These sleeves come in different designs and materials which makes it quite adaptable. One of the main reasons for choosing the sleeves over other coverings is the softness and tenderness it provides. Here we are providing some of the best 16inch sleeves for your MacBook.

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Top 5 Best Sleeves for 16-inch MacBook Pro

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Best Sleeves for 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021

The following are some of the best in class sleeves for your 16inch sleeves that provide a sleek and compact look to your MacBook. In addition to that, it also provides safety from dents, scratches, water spilling, etc.

#1. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag Compatible with MacBook Pro 16 inch

If you want to have a big sleeve bag for your valuable possession then it is the best option to carry. This big sleeve bag enables you to carry your MacBook / laptop/notebook / Ultrabook in a uniquely stylish manner. It comes with an additional small storage pouch bag which can be used to store small devices or things such as peripherals or earphones. It comes in the same color as the MacBook which makes it compatible to opt for.

The construction of this sleeve bag is a quite modern slim and lightweight design that fulfills the need for regular usage as well as provides ultimate protection. The material for the construction of this bag is neoprene which provides water repellent touch to the sleeve. It also protects your laptop from different impurities such as water, dirt, and scratches. The top-loading zipper provides a smooth opening and quite convenient access to the laptop regularly.

The soft lining shock absorption interior of the sleeve enables you to keep your laptop in the neoprene foam padding which is mold-proof. The wear-resisting feature of the neoprene material provides long-lasting touch to the laptop. It also saves your laptop against scratches and uneven shocks. The design of this sleeve easily allows it to get fitted in the larger backpack which is way suitable for the travelers.

What we like:

  • Water Repellent
  • Soft lining Shock Absorption Interior
  • Easy to Carry
  • Better styling option
  • Compatibility with the device

#2. Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro

For your apple MacBook if you want to have ultra-protection then this sleeve is the best option. It comes with an ultra-thick bottom. The characteristic of lightweight makes it suitable for those who don’t like the bulky design. The lightweight protective cushioning keeps it away from drops, bumps, dents, scratches, and spills, like the car airbag.

The well-organized pockets are the USP. It has multiple pockets with elastic bands that provide rigidity. You can easily organize the other peripherals with your MacBook in this sleeve. The zipper is of par quality which provides tension-free movement as one of the foremost concerns remains with the sleeve is their zipper.

The compact and easy to carry design makes it suitable for those who readily travel. Being lightweight it provides much tolerance against different impurities. The PU leather handle provides a firm grip. It can be carried as a briefcase which provides a classy look to working executives. The custom made perfect fit of this sleeve makes it quite compatible. It comes with internal dimensions of 14.13″ x 9.87″ x 0.64″ it perfectly fits 16-inch New MacBook Pro 2019, 15 Inch Old MacBook Pro Retina A1398.

This is one of the preferred choices for tech users who keep on looking for stylish as well as the spacious design of the sleeve. The ultra-secure one side zipped compartment provides massive space for other peripherals.Ultimately, the package contains 1 x tomtoc 15 Inch MacBook Pro Retina A1398 Sleeve and also 12-Month Warranty which makes it a friendly customer service oriented commodity.

What we like:

  • Protection at its best
  • Customized design
  • Compact and sleek look
  • Fluent zipper
  • Well organized design

#3. HYZUO 15-16 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible with MacBook Pro

If you want a suave sleeve which provides a classy and elegant look then this is the one you should give a try. The sleeve is made up of faux suede leather and soft lining, water-resistance, shockproof and anti-scratch material that provide all-around safety as well. The stylish pouch enables you to carry some of the essential peripherals such as charger, mouse, and earphones.

The invisible magnet closure gives it an innovative touch and in addition to that, it doesn’t harm the laptop as well. The slim design of this sleeve allows it to be carried solo also. It can easily fit in your bag or briefcase. The lightweight and durability make it quite rugged.

This is one of the multipurpose sleeves which can be used for a different model of the laptop also. Though it is compatible with MacBook Pro 16 Inch 2019(Model A2141). The external material is made up of Microfiber reinforced PU leather which provides ultimate safety.

The interior of this sleeve is of microfiber which restricts any type of scratches or dents. The internal material proves a soft feel which is quite soothing. The closure of the flap seems to be equipped with magnet closing which is quite stylish. In addition to these characteristics, the package contains one laptop sleeve and a small carry zipper pouch.

What we like:

  • Long service life
  • Wear-resistant, anti-aging
  • Waterproof
  • Soft, non-deformable
  • Environmentally friendly

#4. Runetz – MacBook Pro 16 inch Sleeve Neoprene

This product comes with the best design augmentation which consists of neoprene material. It is compatible with other designs of the laptop also which makes it very preferable for rugged usage. It comes with a measurement of 15.5″ x 11″ x 1″ inch in exterior and 14.8″ x 10.5″ x 0.8″ inch in the interior. Your most valued possession gets ultimate protection against scratching, scuffing a top-quality guarantee provided by Runetz.

The material of this sleeve which is premium quality neoprene provides maximum protection to your 16inch MacBook. The snug fit restricts the bulkiness. The multifunctional pocket enables you to carry out all the essential peripherals and accessories such as charger, phone, cable, keys, and wallet.

Before investing a good amount in your Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch, getting a credible protective covering is mandatory. This sleeve will surely help to keep your prized possession from getting broken, from scratching, scuffing, or denting even when you drop them or bump them with other hard surfaces or materials.

The optimal level of protection by this sleeve will provide you stress-free and secure getaway. The cushioned inner lining of this sleeve provides carefree exertion and insertion. The maximum grip attained due to the material used for manufacturing this sleeve is effective enough.

In addition to the above features, the high precision tailored finish provides it a classy look. The compartments are pockets that are so well developed that they provide excessive space for the safety of your MacBook. It comes in the measurement of Exterior 15.5″ x 11″ x 1″ inch Interior 14.8″ x 10.5″ x 0.8″ inch.

What we like:

  • Multi-functional pocket
  • Organized compartments
  • Excellent material
  • Neoprene provides ultra-protection

#5. Comfyable 16 Inch MacBook Pro Sleeve, Waterproof Laptop Cover Case for Mac

This sleeve is specifically designed for MacBook 16inch. It is released in 2019 with the dimension of the interior as 14.3 x 9.8 x 0.7 giving it a high tolerance to easily fit. With this sleeve, you will provide your MacBook with ultimate protection and security.

The up to the mark padding makes it quite soft. The padding of this sleeve is one of the USP in comparison to the other sleeves. The padding contains EPE foam padding which provides optimal protection from shocks and bumps. The drop-proof performance is attained by this sleeve due to these properties.

The ultra-soft microfiber and extra inner cover provide additional softness and tender quality to the sleeves. The protective neoprene flap of this sleeve provides interior protection from a snug and rubbing to the zipper. The availability of soft interior fleece provides your MacBook carefree protection. This makes your MacBook remain safe from scratches and dents.

Other than this, the waterproof exterior of this sleeve makes it safe from water. This casing makes it quite durable and waterproof which keeps you safe in heavy rainy days. The minimalistic and elegant design provides a complement to the stylish look of your MacBook. At this price tag if you are getting these features then it is worth the investment.

What we like:

  • Minimalistic design
  • Sleek
  • Waterproof
  • Ultimate protection

#6. Native Union Stow Slim for MacBook Pro

If you want to attain a premium crafted sleeve then this is the best option for you. It is constructed by a mirroring technique that uses par quality of leather. The detailed and stylish look this cover provides is surely one of its own. It is perfectly fit for MacBook Pro 16” and MacBook Pro 15” as well. The on the go style of this sleeve makes it quite minimalistic. The design appeals a lot to those whose first preference id the looks.

The closure which has magnetic access provides a unique touch to the sleeves and also keeps you carefree. The slim design of this sleeve will compliment to your device which is ultra-sleek. This is one of the sleeves which has provided with extra convenience. It will provide quick access to the essentials from the external pocket.

For the safety and security point of view, it is provided with extra cushioning from all the angles which restrict it from wear and tear. The resistant textile in the exterior and the interior which is equipped with soft quilt provides a good and safe casing to your MacBook.

The icing on the cake is the coated canvas which adds finesse and detail to the aesthetics off this sleeve. The easy access to the different pockets makes it quite apt for the usage. You can get even quicker access to the peripherals and essentials from the external pocket itself.

What we like:

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Soft quilted interior
  • Resistant textile exterior
  • Refined design
  • Easy access to pockets

#7. UPPERCASE SlimSleeve Premium Vegan Leather Sleeve Pouch Case with Form Fitting Design

Some people keep it simple when to come to the covering of their most prized possession. This slim sleeve is just like a pouch case that can provide ample coverage to your MacBook. It is made with smooth vegan leather that is stylish enough to get some of the compliments from the viewers. It is quite easy to maintain which makes it very preferable for professionals as well as executives. The form-fitting design of this case appropriately fits the 16″ MacBook Pro A2141.

Those who are adamant to attain a piece that is crafted efficiently then this is the piece that provides classiness. One of the best features you get that your MacBook can be charged while being in the case. The cushioning at the corners protect the device on rough surfaces. The UPPERCASE SlimSleeve easily keeps your MacBook fitted with many conveniences.

The protection against the scratches and dents are the most effective attributes of this sleeve. The premium soft vegan and leather material are the innovative approach used in the making of this sleeve. At this minimal price point, you will get an excellent deal for your precious device.

What we like:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Effective look and genuine vegan leather
  • Optimal cushioning
  • Charge while keeping
  • Elegant craftsmanship

These are some of the best sleeves which provide safety and protection to your prized possession. If you are looking for a covering that gives stylish looks and also provides much care to your MacBook then the above is appropriate enough. All of the above proves the optimal aesthetic value and also the features are quite equipped with variety. When you are opting for a sleeve, there are some considerations which should be given utmost importance.

When you are opting for a sleeve for your MacBook it should be well equipped with the materials which restrict your MacBook from getting scratched or dented or spillage. These are some of the core needs that define effectiveness. Apart from this, the look is foremost. If you are getting a mediocre sleeve then it will surely not match the aesthetics of the MacBook, for this, you should give core importance to the aesthetic value of the sleeve also.