As you all know, Apple follows a strict policy in launching devices every year. The launch is limited to one or two devices the most per year. Yes, a Smartphone and a tablet each year, this year has seen the launch of revolutionary Smartphone models, however, the most awaited device from Apple is iPad Mini 6 that will be launched in a few months. Here in this article, we will discuss every detail like iPad Mini 6 release date, specs, and price.

When will the Apple iPad Mini 6 will release? We try to put all the detail like release date, price , rumors and news about upcoming iPad mini 2020 , in this article. we will update this post time to time with latest development.

iPad Mini 6 release date

There is no official information about the release of a new model of iPad Mini any time soon. Some of the experts have commented that there are chances that a new model of iPad Mini might not be launched any time recently. Apple iPad mini Release dates are :

  • IPad Mini: October 2012
  • iPad Mini 2: October 2013
  • IPad mini 3: October 2014
  • IPad Mini 4: September 2015
  • iPad Mini 5 (2019): March 2019

While Smartphones from Apple comes every year, the release of iPad mini is irregular and it is hard to predict an exact release date. However, if there is a release it could be on any day in the month of March 2020. There is a reason why predict there would be an irregularity in the release of iPad Mini this year because there was a 4-year gap between the release of iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini 5.

While most of the people think that, the launch of each Apple device is done periodically, it is not. If the sales of the devices are not overwhelming, then the launch will be delayed. In the same way, if the sale of iPad Mini 5 is underwhelming, the launch or marketing of iPad Mini 6 will be delayed or halted.

What can we expect in iPad Mini 6?

As far as, the design of iPad Mini 6 is considered. Anything can be expected. The new device could come with features that can make any user excited and wondered. While most of the brands are designing tablets and Smartphones with a fingerprint scanner under their device display, most probably Apple might not be considering this design.

As you know, Apple designs their devices based on a principle and based on what customers want. This is one of the main reasons why Face ID feature might not be incorporated into an iPad Mini 6 as it could demand the user to lean forward get his or her face in front of the camera to unlock the device.

In General, like always the new iPad mini 6 will come with more number of pros rather than cons. However, it is very difficult right now to predict what exactly the new device might come with.

Tech Specs to be expected in iPad Mini 6 –

To be frank, it is not easy to predict what tech specs could come incorporated into an iPad Mini. Yes, with almost no information or leak from any of the trusted source, there is absolutely no way a precise description of the tech specs can be mentioned. However, here are some of the features that could be expected.

Processor – The iPad Mini 6 is expected to come with a processor that could be higher than 7nm or 7nm+ or 7nm Pro. These are few of the top processors, which can offer better chip density and processing power.

Camera – With the camera already updated in iPad Mini 6, a change in iPad Mini 6 cannot be expected. However, if an update is given, then we can expect an exciting change in the camera position and features.

Audio – The new iPad Mini 6 can come with updated speakers as the last update was done only in the year 2015.

What changes can be expected in terms of software and apps?

One of the notable things about Apple products is that they come with highly efficient software and apps. When compared to Android, Apple software and OS is very efficient and is designed to offer seamless functioning.

Just a few days back, there was a rumor that, if a new iPad Mini is being released it will come with its own range of OS, the iPadOS. Some experts have commented that Apple has been trying to update their devices with this OS for a while now.

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