Apple recently announced its new mid-range smartphone second-generation iPhone SE with iPhone 8 body but the specs of iPhone 11 Pro. There’s a massive bump in the performance for such a mid-priced smartphone, and the sales graph is going up. The performance is unmatchable, looks are nostalgic, supports fast charging, and comes in impressive color.

With all that said, there is a single drawback to notice; it comes with a slow charging brick instead of an 18W fast charger. You might think about getting a new charger, but does that worth your money? In our opinion, spending your money on a wireless charger would be a better option, and there are two reasons for the same.

The first reason is, you already want to change, and you are ready to spend some extra bucks. The second reason is, wireless chargers are way more convenient and easier to go option. However, Apple still hasn’t announced its wireless chargers till now. So, you might have to think about getting a third-party wireless charger.

Many smartphone manufacturers and accessories manufacturers are offering great quality wireless chargers. If you want to select the best one, you have to look at the power supply, build quality, warranty, no heating problem, and large coils. Here, we selected the top 6 best iPhone Se 2020 wireless chargers for an affordable price point.

Best iPhone 12 Wireless Charger

We picked products that are versatile and good to go for your other Apple devices, which support wireless charging. So, you can expect better usability and a great value for money deal. Let’s have a look –

#1. Anker Wireless Charger – 10W Qi Charging

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Anker is undoubtedly the most loved third-party accessories manufacturer for Apple devices that offer wireless chargers to lighting cables for a reasonable price. This time, Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave Pad 10W Max Qi-Certified Fast Charging is going to amaze you with the effective charging at 10W. You can expect effective usability by this method.

As your iPhone support 7.5 charging, you can still get a great charging speed from this product. It is simple, sleek, and looks premium on the desk. There are two great options available in the same, and it will fulfill the need without causing any problem like heating. This problem is the reason that we preferred 10W instead of 7.5.

Pros –

  • Highly powerful 10W charging pad with Qi-certification.
  • It is a very beautiful looking option due to simple and sleek design.
  • There are two color options available, which are black and white.
  • It is effectively charging at 10% faster speed than other models.

Cons –

  • There are no cons reported about this product so far.

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#2. Belkin Wireless Charger – 7.5W Qi Charging

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In the wireless charger category, Belkin has a remarkable name for the sleek design and great charging benefits. With the small and compact design, you can charge any of your Apple devices at a great speed. It is offering support with other brands, and you can charge your Airpods on the same.

It can easily charge your device through lightweight plastic cases, and it won’t heat up at all. It comes with an AC adapter and 5-foot-long cord so that you get a clean and nice-looking setup without any problem. It lowers the charging speed if you place a low capacity device such as Airpods. So, it is a safe and reliable option.

Pros –

  • You can choose between two color options black and white.
  • It is highly compatible with all the Apple devices which support wireless charging.
  • The build quality and in-hand feeling of the charger are premia.
  • The cord it comes with has a length of 5 feet for easier usability.

Cons –

  • It is slightly slower from our top pick of choice.

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#3. RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger – 7.5W Qi Charging

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For a similar charging capacity of 7.5W, you can find RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger, which provides a great number of features for such an affordable price point. It is perfectly compatible with all your Apple devices, and it charges your device safely. No doubt, heating is a major problem with other chargers, but it adjusts the temperature and doesn’t cause any problem.

m This is a genuine looking wireless charger, and there is only a single color option available in it. But, the problem is with size. The Qi-coil is small with this charger, so you must have your iPhone 12 in the right orientation. The best part is, it adjusts the frequency as per the model. In case you place your Airpods on this charging pad, it will lower the power to 5W.

Pros –

  • It adjusts the frequency to avoid any kind of problem with battery or battery-backup.
  • The build quality is premium, and it also looks stunning on the desk.
  • It comes with a long and highly durable cord to have a beautiful but sturdy setup.
  • It works at 7.5W charging, and it can easily charge through a 0.12 smartphone case.

Cons –

  • Rugged smartphone cases can make the charging slower by a significant amount.
  • There is no color choice except for the black color option.

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Based on the number of features, design, and build quality, all the products are reliable that we mentioned in this list of best iPhone 12 wireless charger. While curating this list, we considered affordability, but if you want fast charging and great design, then you can go with 10W wireless chargers and get 10% of better-charging speed. Make sure that you keep checking your smartphone. If your smartphone heats by a significant amount, then avoid the purchase.

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