MacBook is one of the most powerful laptop lineups by Apple known for its compact size, vast configuration options, sturdy build, and many other features. Pro series has the most powerful processors, and they can make you get high performance when working on the video, audio, and graphical projects.

Apparently, the compact size and tight chasse can interrupt air pass through, and it causes the ventilation related problem. Working on simple apps can’t show you many issues related to thermal performance, but you are using Final Cut Pro, Logic X Pro, Adobe Cloud Tools, and such other tools or software, then you can find thermal issues.

Most of the right upper left part of keypad start heating, and it gets too hot that you can face issue touching it. One fact to mention, heating reduces performance, and it also reduces the durability of the CPU chip. So, if you keep using your MacBook Pro ignoring the thermal related issues, then it might be a bad choice.

You can end up facing issues like freeze, hang, higher rendering time, and lack of battery performance. To eradicate this issue, a cooling pad can provide a legitimate solution. It can help to reduce the overall temperature and making your CPU work efficiently. You can expect better productivity again.

Best Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro

Let’s begin by exploring the list of top choices available in the market –

#1. TopMate C302 Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro

TopMate C302Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro is a great choice for the significantly lower price points and genuine performance. This two-fan cooling pad provides a great flow of air to cool down your laptop. Having two fans means you are not going to get many issues with any kind of unwanted noise, which makes this choice quite better to take into consideration.

The built quality is quite reliable, and the design also ensures that you will get the best use. There is non-slippery material used in manufacturing, which ensure the safest use in most of the cases. There are front stoppers, which will avoid laptop sliding toward your direction, so it helps in several manners here.

Meanwhile, the cooling pad itself is compact and lightweight so you can carry it inside the laptop bag and turn it on using the USB port of the laptop. Moreover, there is an extra USB port that provides versatile usability from the same, and you can expect effective working without any problem. It has a small LED light to enhance the looks.

Pros –

  • Compatible with all MacBook Pro sizes, which are 13 inches and 15 inches.
  • Extremely quiet fans to provide great performance but negligible noise.
  • This product has a compact and easy to carry design for better usability.
  • Built quality is up to the mark, and there are stoppers to avoid slipping your laptop.
  • Extra USB ports will be a great help if your laptop doesn’t have many ports.

Cons –

  • It consumes a significant amount of battery of your laptop.
  • The elevation option is not that effective here.

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#2. Havit HV-F2056 Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro

Based on the performance and number of positive reviews, Havit HV-F2056 Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro is an ideal decision. It might be coming for a slightly high price, but the trade-off isn’t that bad. The features we loved about this product are hard to expect from other products.

It has one of the best designs in terms of ergonomic because the combination of three fans can cool down your laptop to an adequate temperature. The speed is adjustable and having LED in the cooling pad enhances the overall looks. The built quality is also up to the mark, which will add up to the design part.

Having a non-slippery design and the ability to use this product as a stand enhance versatility. The material used is premium in quality, and you can expect a range of advantages from the same. There are three different color choices available in the same, which can make you rely on the same.

Pros –

  • It offers one of the premium build quality due to the metal body.
  • It has lots of positive reviews about the durability of this laptop cooling pad.
  • Three fans are good enough to cool down the temperature to optimal levels.
  • Non-slippery material at rubbers at the base so that you don’t face any issue with usability.
  • It has an elevation option so that you can use this product like a laptop stand also.

Cons –

  • This product is a little bit expensive as compared to the other ones.
  • It makes a little noise when used on full power.
  • This cooling pad is not an effective choice for 13 inches MacBook.

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#3. KootekCooling Pads for MacBook Pro

Coming to our next product, you can feel comfortable with the purchase of Kootek Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro. It is a five-fan cooling pad with four small and one large fan for effective cooling. It doesn’t matter how much your laptop is heating; this fan can cool it down with a constant flow of air.

You can adjust the number of fans you want to use because there is a dedicated button given for the same. It will help you reduce the noise of air. There are LEDs to give a great look, and if you are using your laptop for gaming purposes, then you will love a little ambiance offered by the same.

Being able to provide a little angle to your laptop will help to get a better viewing angle. On the other hand, there are stoppers for a laptop, which will help avoid slipping your laptop from the same. Even the elevation of the laptop also helps better passage of air so you can find it such a reliable choice in all kinds.

Pros –

  • It provides one of the most effective cooling with five fans system.
  • Constant airflow for better results and it can enhance the overall performance.
  • Design is simple and compact, which makes it easy to carry.
  • One of the lightweight cooling pads to carry in your backpack.
  • It has an elevation stand to keep your laptop at an angle.

Cons –

  • Fans become very loud when used at high speed.

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#4. HAVIT 5 FansCooling Pads for MacBook Pro

Havit is quite a popular and leading brand in laptop accessories. This is the major reason that you can find that their cooling pads are quite reliable to prefer. With HAVIT 5 Fans Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro, you can cool down 15 inches laptop without any problem. The only problem is, if you own a 13.3 inches model, then this product isn’t an adequate choice.

Apparently, other features are good enough to make you consider the same. Having quality ergonomic design ensures that you get the best use of the same. There are plenty of positive reviews about effective cooling, which can make you love using this cooling pad. It doesn’t matter that you are working on graphical projects or playing games; this cooling pad can handle everything.

There are two USB ports that will make you get better usability from the same, and it adds up into the features part. The quality mesh is durable for such a long time, and you are also getting USB C to USB 3.0 adapter so that you can connect this cooling pad directly to your laptop. So, these are some key features to rely on the purchase of this deal.

Pros –

  • It offers one of the premium build qualities of all kinds.
  • The design is highly durable and better to take into consideration.
  • It provides one of the most effective cooling for your MacBook.
  • Compatible with MacBook Pro 15-inch and 17-inch models.
  • Ergonomic design so you won’t have to worry about excess noise.

Cons –

  • Slightly expensive as you look at a number of features offered.
  • No compatibility with 13.3-inch MacBook Air and MacBook pro.

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#5. Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro

A reliable product of choice with a premium number of features for a premium price tag is Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro. This cooling pad is powered with an external source, and you can find lots of tweaks to adjust. The primary option is to adjust fan speed and run them at adequate speed for less noise and better cooling.

There is a 200mm fan, and this single fan is good enough to provide adequate performance. Having a small fan with such large ventilation reduces any kind of issue like excess noise. The build quality is very premium, and it is clearly visible from the in-hand feel of the same. The mesh used is made up of high-quality aluminum so that you can expect great durability of the same.

Coming to the unique but the most loved factor of this product that you can find is it has adjustable RGB. There are 20 different colors it can produce, and you can customize the tweaks as per your specific needs. You can provide elevation to your laptop for better ventilation and effective cooling. All the buttons are at the side so that you can adjust whatever you want to change.

Pros –

  • Small buttons on the left side to adjust the speed of the fan and changing color.
  • Premium build quality, and the mesh also gives a premium in-hand feel.
  • It has an option for 20 different RGB so that you can use it without having any problem.
  • It provides elevation to your laptop with a small stand given at the base of the pad.
  • It provides effective cooling with one large fan of 200mm and ergonomic design.

Cons –

  • Obviously, premium features cost a premium price tag.
  • Very large in size, so it is hard to carry anywhere in your bag.
  • Comes with your own power adapter so you can’t use the USB port to turn it on.

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#6. Thermaltake Massive TM Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro

The last product on our list is also a premium quality laptop cooling pad with a unique design in all kinds. The purchase of Thermaltake Massive TM Cooling Pads for MacBook Pro is great for any laptop you owe. It comes in three different variants with a small difference in terms of features.

Having sensors like thermostats help you understand that when you increase the speed of fans and it is the major reason that you can consider the same. You can adjust small locks with the touch capacitive button and adjust it for any laptop size you are using. There are many other buttons for fan speed, and turning it on/off.

The material used in the build is quite reliable, and you are getting two large fans to provide a consistent flow of air. This will help to expect better performance from the same. The only issue is, it is very large in size, so you might face issues carrying it around.

Pros –

  • It has a premium and highly durable build quality in all kinds.
  • Touch the capacitive button to adjust the temperature, fan speed, and more.
  • Thermostats to show you temperature status all the time.
  • Small button locks to fit any laptop from 10 inches to 17 inches of size.

Cons –

  • Available for a premium price point.

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro

Cooling Pads for MacBook are playing an important role in the daily life of professional content creators. The reasons to buy cooling pads are –

  • Enhance performance, so it is not an issue anymore.
  • Better battery performance as usual.
  • Make you feel comfortable working.
  • No more freezes or lag while working.
  • It reduces damage to CPU and its lifespan.

Moreover, you can expect better working experience when your MacBook Pro is providing great performance again.


Considering the mentioned reasons and all other advantages of laptop cooling pads, you can feel assured about quality performance. No doubt that if you create graphical content or edit videos on your MacBook, then it is the much-needed product to fulfill your specific needs and eradicate all the issues.

Adding into the same, you can use the above-mentioned cooling pads for MacBook, MacBook Air, and such other laptops that are compatible with dimensions of your laptop. We hope that this guidepost will help you harness essential details about the use and top 7 best Cooling Pads available in the market for MacBook Po.