Recently Apple’s pocket-friendly iPhone 12 gained a resounding success due to all the impressive features. This new model looks like iPhone 8 but packs the most powerful A13 Bionic chip, which gives a huge performance jump. No doubt, Apple made a compromise by not creating a new design, but using the same old design is helping them cut manufacturing and design costs.

Most importantly, Apple did improve the smartphone in every section like performance, camera, and build quality, but the battery performance isn’t getting a huge jump. Well, you are getting a fast charging option, which can help you charge your smartphone to full power in less than an hour. So, if you are buying an iPhone 12 or you already bought it, you might like keeping the charger always around.

For convenient usability, going with the purchase of a portable charger would be an effective choice, and it can fulfill the need in an effective manner. Simply a Powerbank is small, compact, and highly portable, which allows you to charge your smartphone wherever you want. If you have second-generation iPhone 12, then you might want to get a Powerbank, which can charge your device two times at least.

Due to this, it is important that you get a portable charger which contains 5000 mAh battery to provide effective usability. A number of brands are offering portable chargers, and if you want something which is specifically made for iPhone 12, then you need to look at capacity, size, design, and several other features. Meanwhile, you can consider having a lightening cable included in the kit.

As it might be tricky to figure out a credible product of choice, that’s why looking at some quality factors plays an important role. Here, we tested more than fifteen top-notch portable chargers, which are specifically made for iPhone 12 and iPhone 8. Both smartphones have the same size and approximately similar battery capacity, so Powerbanks made for iPhone 8 are going to be compatible with this newly launched device.

Here are our quick picks without the details for..

Top 5 Best Portable Chargers for iPhone 12

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Best Portable Chargers for iPhone 12

During the test, we looked at the charging speed, a number of times, a portable charger can juice your device, build quality, size, weight, and more. Among all those products, the below mentioned are seven best one which can fulfill the need in an effective manner and provide a value for money deal. Let’s begin by exploring the top choices –

#1. Anker PowerCore 20100mAh Portable Charger

If you want a powerhouse to charge your smartphone more than ten times, then having 2000 mAh capacity is good enough to begin with. The purchase of Anker PowerCore 20100mAh portable charger offers you ten times of complete charge, and this product supports fast charging. There are two output ports for your devices, which have a normal USB.

It is a certified option, and the build quality is worth admiring. There is a battery power indicator, and you can find four small dots to indicate battery power. If you have a product red version of iPhone 12, then this battery bank will fulfill the need in an effective manner. The only problem with this device is the extra weight, which might be a problem for many.

Pros –

  • It is a highly reliable Powerbank to fully charge your smartphone ten times easier.
  • The build quality of this Powerbank is sturdy, and it can pass the drop-test.
  • This portable charger supports fast charging, which can provide a 7.5W charging speed.
  • It has a battery indicator that lets you know about the left percentage.
  • There are two years of warranty offered by the manufacturer on this product.

Cons –

  • The weight of this Powerbank might be an issue for many.

#2. INIU 10,000 mAh Portable Charger

For the slightly affordable price point and lightweight design, you can find that INIU Power Bankis the perfect fit for such needs. It is a less powered 10,000 mAh Powerbank, but it has enough power to charge your smartphone five times to 100% percent, and it is reliable for all iOS devices. Being able to charge at a faster speed is the key quality to expect from this device.

There are two ports to charge two devices simultaneously, and you can find an effective charging speed. The best part about this product is impressive build quality and smart design, which will fulfill the need in several manners. First of all, you get a power button at the side that turns on the device whenever required.

Pros –

  • The build quality of Powerbank is sturdy, and it seems durable.
  • There are two i/o ports at the side to charge two devices simultaneously.
  • There is a small torch to use during an emergency, and it seems reliable for long use.
  • You can find micro-USB and USB-C port to charge this power bank effectively.
  • The overall design and compact size enhance durability and use.

Cons –

  • The power bank itself takes a significant amount of time in full charge.

#3. RAVPower 26800 Portable Charger

For a massive capacity, the purchase of a RAVpower portable charger can fulfill the need in an effective manner. It is a reliable 26,800 mAh Powerbank, which means you can charge iPhone 12 for 13 times in a row. This Powerbank supports fast charging, and it has two ports for simultaneous charging at an adequate speed to fulfill the need effectively.

Apart from charging your device, you can find it easy to juice up this portable charger to maximum power at high-speed charging. The only problem is, this much capacity requires lots of time; otherwise, everything is positive. If you look at the other perks, it has a charging indicator, considerably lightweight design, and a lot more into the pack.

Pros –

  • The overall build quality and in-hand feel of this portable charger are genuine.
  • The design is simple, and it is compact enough to place inside your pocket.
  • You can charge your iPhone 12 for more than 13 times with fast charging.
  • There are two I/O ports offered and two input ports for Powerbank itself.
  • You can charge your MacBook using this 26,800 mAh powerhouse.

Cons –

  • It comes for a slightly expensive price point from other options.
  • The weight of this power-bank seems like an issue in a few cases.

#4. Ekrist 25,800 mAh Portable Charger

For similar power-capacity, you can go with Ekrist portable charge, which offers 12 times of effective charging for iPhone 12. This Powerbank has a sleek design which looks unique over the other options, and you can find four LED indicator for the battery percentage. The use of red and black color makes this portable charger better from the other options.

This Dual USB Powerbank supports fast charging, and it can be charged at a similar speed using a 10W charging brick. All the ports are offering charging at 5V, and it is good enough for most of the smartphones. iPhone 12 support 7.5W fast charging, so you might miss having this type of charging speed. Apart from that, everything is positive about this product.

Pros –

  • It is one of the most reliable portable chargers with 25,800mAh capacity.
  • This portable charger comes for an affordable price point as compared to other deals.
  • There are LED indicators to let you know about the left battery percentage.
  • The manufacturer is offering 24 months of warranty on this product.


  • The in-hand feel of this portable Powerbank might not seem that good choice.
  • The weight of this Powerbank is comparatively lower, but it still feels like a small brick.

#5. Yoobao 10,000 mAh Portable Charger

In case you want something sleek and beautiful looking, then Yoobao Portable Charger feels a lot more reliable. The primary thing to find about this Powerbank is, there is a huge number of positive reviews that ensure a quality purchase. After that, you can find color choice, and you can easily find four options with this Powerbank, which can fulfill the need.

The build quality is premium, and you can find a lightweight design from this Powerbank, which ensures easier usability. There is a single IO port to charge your device, but you can find other charging ports options like USB-C to lightning. The battery power indicator is always accurate and helps in several manners.

Pros –

  • This portable charger is capable of charging your device five times with 10,000 mAh.
  • The build quality and design feel premium, which can ensure a quality purchase.
  • You are getting two IO ports to charge your smartphones simultaneously.
  • There are four impressive color options to choose from.
  • The battery indicator is always accurate, and this Powerbank charges at fast speed.

Cons –

  • There are few negative reviews about heating after continuous charging for hours.

#6. Belkin 5,000 mAh Portable Power

For a limited number of reviews, you can find that Belkin is a quite underrated brand in this list, but for the build quality and design, this one nails the first spot in all kinds. The high-end 5,000 mAh portable charger is reliable in term of build quality, and the in-hand feeling of this product can easily attract you toward the purchase for sure.

This Powerbank is capable of charging your iPhone 12 for two and half times with ease. On the other hand, this Powerbank supports fast charging, which will offer you effective usability over any other product. There is a battery power indicator, and you can find the power button right next to the indicating LEDs. The only problem is a slightly expensive price point.

Pros –

  • Belkin is one of the reputed and highly reliable brands to offer premium build quality.
  • This Powerbank has universal 5V charging, which is reliable for iPhone 12.
  • The build quality is extremely premium, and you can expect great durability.
  • You can find it compact, lightweight, and smaller from your iPhone 12.
  • There are two years of warranty offered by Belkin from the date of purchase.

Cons –

  • There is a limited number of reviews about this device.
  • The price of this charger is slightly high from the other options.


Considering all the mentioned products, you might be wondering how we arranged the products? Well, we preferred portable chargers, which can keep your device to full power for a maximum number of times, and we selected some of the reliable products.

All the power banks mentioned in this list of best portable charger for iPhone 12 are loved by most of the buyers, which can help you figure out a reliable deal. On the other hand, we are looking after reputed brands and warranty factors so that you get a credible product of choice instead of a poor quality portable charger.