I’m Sally and I am an expert in gadgets and all things sound and technology.igadget help

I live in Queens, New York and love my screen time.  Of course I have an ipad and iphone and wireless headphones and then I also love my gaming – Minecraft and Fortnite are my favorites.

New monitors for gaming are coming out and technology is changing all the time.

Do you have a Mac or PC?  Is your home set up with Smarthome technology?  How easy is it now to say “Hey Google” or “Hey Alexa”?!

Everyone now has some sort of gadget that makes their life easier and more convenient.

I have a few websites that give detailed reviews on different gadgets.  Firstly, there is Organic City Sounds which gives lots of information about headphones and earbuds.  Then, its all about the bass with Subwoofer Guide where you will find information about subwoofers for your home and car.  Finally,  Tournament Gaming World lets you know what chairs, monitors and desks you may need to suit your gaming style.

My friends and I try the latest different gadgets to find out what works best for us.  We pool our research and resources and like to help you make an informed decision.

We try to be fair in our reviews and really appreciate you taking the time to read through them.  When you purchase through my website I earn a small commission that goes towards my time to research and upkeep this website.  I appreciate all purchases that you make.

Whatever your reason for needing the latest gadget you will find information about what you’re looking for in this website.