Apple recently launched iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in their new product line up. Most of the apple fans were expecting three phones this time but some of the fans were also expecting a second generation of iPhone SE. The older generation iPhone SE was discontinued some time ago and since then, the fans have been waiting for a newer version of the iPhone SE. The best part about the iPhone SE was that it was much affordable and it was a perfect piece of technology or the people who wanted something slim and something that can help them in relating to the past.

Well, now the fans are expecting iPhone SE 2 and we are going to present all the information about iPhone SE 2 over here. Talking about the chances of Apple releasing a new phone that is something highly likely considering their present stand. However, it should be noted that we are not expecting a new iPhone until March next year. The brand is presently monetizing on the new iPhone line up and it doesn’t make sense for them to launch a new iPhone right now. Check best iPhone SE 2 case

A lot of people might be confused and they might feel that iPhone XR had been the perfect alternative for the high-end spec smartphone but the fact is that the iPhone XR has downgraded specifications. This is something that prevents a lot of users to purchase iPhone XR. In a world where the dual camera set-up has become a norm, the iPhone XR had a single camera set-up. There are already many rumors and leaks regarding iPhone SE 2 but we are still assuming that the phone will be launched sometime later next year. Let us now move ahead and share all other details with you in the upcoming sections. Scroll through them and explore more about iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 Release Date

There are several hints available in the market which states that Apple is going to launch iPhone SE 2 but the main question is still left unanswered. Apple had always been secretive about the events that it hosts and it only sends out invitation 2 weeks prior to the event. This is again going to be repeated and it leaves all the people guessing that when exactly will the iPhone SE 2 be launched. To help you in finding the answer of the expected release date of iPhone SE 2, we did a trend analysis of the events that apple host usually.

As per the observation, Apple mostly hosts three events. One of them is in March, the second one is in June and the third one is September. We all know that the September even is to showcase the new iPhones, iPads and Watch while the June even is mostly restricted to Software updates like new iOS and other operating systems. Sometime Apple may also host an event in October which is to launch some more products like the Mac Books.

In 2019, during the March even Apple launched many services for the first time and that gives us a clue. Since it doesn’t make sense to launch any new iPhone in October 2019, the event, if any, will be restricted to Mac Books and other such products. As of now, the only probable date when Apple may launch iPhone SE 2 is in March 2020. This seems to be logical as well because this way, there will be a gap of about 6 months from the previous launch. Most of the people would have already upgraded to the new line-up and hence to reach out to the people who are looking for a budget smartphone, iPhone SE will prove to be a messiah.

To conclude this section, we can say that the iPhone SE2 is likely to be launched in September 2020 and the invitations will be sent out in the last week of February. Let us now move ahead and look at the expected price of the iPhone SE 2

What is the Expected Price of iPhone SE 2?

One of the important aspects of any new product is the price. Since we are talking about iPhone SE 2, we are talking about a segment of customers that is sensitive to the pricing strategy of the product. Going by the past trends, it is expected that Apple would not be pricing iPhone SE 2 aggressively because it is for a market segment which is looking for a premium smartphone within a specific budget. Having a high price tag on iPhone SE 2 will defeat the purpose of launching new product. As per one of the source, iPhone SE 2 will be the most affordable iPhone in Apple’s line up.

iPhone SE 2 Price

Talking about the rumors, the retail price for iPhone SE 2 is expected to be around USD 450. The apply will price the phone accordingly across the globe and it will be in sync with the taxes it incurs. This certainly sounds legit. However, one of the most popular Apple analyst known, Ming Chi Kuo provided clues that the new iPhone may be priced even lower and it may have a cost of USD 399 associated with it. These revelations came after the new pricing strategy of Apple which was observed in September iPhone Release.

If we talk about the first generation of iPhone SE, then the cost was USD 399 for the basic version which was a 16 GB version. Now, the fact that you might want to consider here is that Apple had discontinued the 8GB and 16 GB models for every mobile phone. The lowest variant available in the market is 64 GB so Apple may follow a similar trend during the launch of iPhone SE 2 and Apple may launch the base variant with the minimum memory space of 64 GB. If that is the case, then you can expect the price of iPhone SE 2 to be between USD 400 to USD 450. It is certainly worth waiting for Apple to launch the new iPhone and check out the new pricing strategy that it follows for the new line up.

What do we know about the design of iPhone SE 2?

Let us now talk about the most important aspect of iPhone SE 2. Yes, let us talk about the design of iPhone SE 2 because, at end of the day, the design is something that has a lot of potential to attract the customers. Apple is known for innovative designs and not to forget, it was the first brand to introduce a notch in the screen which later became the trend. In such a case, we can expect Apple to set new trends with each and every upcoming phones. Talking about iPhone SE 2, we have some rumors and some information about the leaks that we would love to share with you.

Let us walk back in past a little and think about the design of iPhone SE. The design resembled that of iPhone 5. In such a case, the most likely design of iPhone SE 2 would be the one that resembles the iPhone 8. One of the sources suggested that the new iPhone SE will have a 4.7 inch screen with minimal bezels. The screen may have a notch like that in iPhone X. Since iPhone SE 2 is planned as an affordable phone, we are not expecting an OLED Display in this phone. In addition to this, there are chances that Apple might not implement a full screen design with iPhone SE 2. They might keep the form factor in a traditional manner which would totally match with iPhone 8.

We have talked about the front side of the phone but what about the rear? Well, we are expecting a dual camera set-up on the rear side of the phone and we are still not sure about the material that the back would be designed with. It can be a glass back like it was in iPhone 8 or it might be a metal back like in iPhone XR. The chances of having a glass design are higher because Apple might want to keep it separate from iPhone XR. The phone will surely be available in 3 to 5 colors and we will only get to know about the new design with the time.

As per one of the recent leaks from a highly reliable source, the design of the iPhone SE 2 was leaked. This design helped us in concluding that the new iPhone SE 2 will not have a headphone jack and Apple will also get rid of the home button with the new design. Getting rid of home button makes slightly more sense as Apple is trying to push for a similar experience on all its device which includes swipe up gestures for various things. The leaks also showed a full screen design with a notch. As mentioned earlier, Apple will integrate an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen to keep the price under check. Users might not have to purchase a USB C Type cable with iPhone SE 2 as well. Apple will only have support for Lightning cable in iPhone SE 2. The leak also suggests a glass back with the support for wireless charging capabilities.

So, until now, we have talked about the price, release date and the design. Let us now move ahead and talk about the most important part of the iPhone, the specifications that it will be loaded with.

What are the Expected Specifications of iPhone SE 2?

Let us now talk about the expected specifications of iPhone SE 2. We have already discussed a lot about the screen and the body so we are not going to talk about that again. Talking about the camera set-up, we are expected a 12 MP dual camera setup along with a 7MP Front Camera Setup. The front camera module would also integrate laser projectors to enable face recognition as the company is surely planning to do away with the Home button. With the new camera set-up, the iPhone will surely support Animoji and that will add some fun factor to the new iPhone SE 2. This will also let the iPhone users toggle between the telephoto lens and the regular lens. Portrait mode will also find support in iPhone SE 2.

In terms of the brain of the phone; Apple might integrate an A13 Bionic Chip with a Neural Engine.  This will enhance the capabilities of the iPhone and it will also help you in getting wider support for the applications that you can use. With the new processor, the GPU will also be upgraded and hence enhancing the experience with Games and Apple Arcade. The support for wireless charging will surely be added and Apple may focus on improving the battery life as well.

The iPhone SE 2 is expected to be waterproof, unlike the first generation phone which was not waterproof. We expect Apple to get IP67 or IP68 rating for this new iPhone. The 3D touch will also be obsolete and there are high chances that Apple will integrate Haptic Touch in iPhone SE 2. The video recording capabilities of the phone would be more or less same but this would have certain enhancements because of the better camera that comes with Optical Image Stabilization.  In some of the countries, Apple may offer the option for Dual SIM which will be great for the users and it should be noted that the second SIM will be the digital e-SIM module.

This is the expected specification of SE 2 and we are sure that you are already in love with the phone. There can be slight or some major variation in the specification listed above by the time Apple Launches iPhone SE 2.

What is in the News, Leaks and Rumors?

It is quite interesting to go through the News, Leaks and Rumors about the new upcoming Apple Products. We are sure you also want to know about the new leaks in relation to iPhone SE 2. So talking about the latest leaks, we have one such leak which has shared the mould of the iPhone SE 2. We have already talked about it so let us not repeat it.

Another leak suggested that the Apple iPhone SE 2 would feature an LCD screen with a size of 4.7 inches. Yes, the phone would not have OLED screen but for other parts, iPhone SE 2 will try to match the specs of iPhone 11.  What does this mean for users? Well, this means that you will get a powerful device in a compact package.

Another rumor doing rounds on social media is that the iPhone SE 2 will feature A 13 chipset along with the 3rd generation neural engine. This means that the system will be highly power efficient and at the same time, Apple is also planning to bump up the RAM to 3 GB.Now, we are expecting a 7 MP front camera in Apple’s new iPhone but one of the leaks suggest that the iPhone may have a 5 MP camera for the front sensor.

There is one confusion around the globe when it comes to iPhone SE 2. Some of the analysts believe that Apple may do away with face ID as well as Touch ID but the question here is that in such a scenario, how will you really be able to unlock your iPhone. We are yet to find the answer to the question but at the same time, we are sure that Apple is not working on something like the in-display fingerprint sensors for this model.

What are the Features that We Want?

There are always some features that a customer wants. In this section, we are going to talk about all such features and expectations that people have from iPhone SE 2. There are some of the key requirements that people would really want to see and we have listed them in different points in this section of our page.

  • Larger Battery–The list begins with the battery and the truth is that people want a better battery with the iPhone SE 2. They need a battery that can last longer with long calls and long activities. Most of the people have a hectic schedule and having a phone that lasts longer is certainly a blessing. With the new processor which is highly power efficient, this looks a lot more possible then it was ever before.
  • Better Performance– Secondly, we as Apple Users would not like to see any compromise on the performance. Please push the phone with the latest processor and with no compromise on RAM. We want iPhone SE 2 to be able to handle large applications and complex operation without any issue.
  • Headphone Jack – The fact is that using the iPhone without the 3.5 mm headphone jack is somewhat convenient. Yes, a lot of people use Air pods but there are high chances that people in this segment would not want to invest in Air pods. Apple, please do not take away the headphone jack from our iPhone SE 2. We really need the headphone jack..!
  • Refreshed Design– Now we are really bored with the same design over the years. We, the users of Apple Products would like to see some innovative designs. Yes, that is not iPhone 12 but please refresh the design a little. Change the form factor from the previous version and show us some amazing designing skills, please.
  • Dual Camera– Another important thing here is the Camera. A lot of people invest in iPhone because of the camera and the fact is that we will be disappointed if we find the same single lens setup in iPhone SE 2 as well. We would love to see a dual camera setup so that we can take a better picture. Also, we would love to see a better camera setup in front camera so that we can take better pictures in portrait mode.

These are some of the features and specifications that people would really want in iPhone SE 2. These points have been listed after we researched the blogs and other sources of primary data. It would certainly be great if Apple is able to integrate some of these things in the new iPhone SE 2.

Final Verdict

So, this was all the information about iPhone SE 2. We have covered almost every aspect of the iPhone SE 2 and we really doubt if there are some unexplored territories here. There are going to be several leaks in the coming future and as the dates for the launch approaches, you will find even more information about iPhone SE 2. All in all, we expect a reliable product with a good battery life and a refreshed design. This will certainly help Apple in capturing a larger chunk of the market and improve the customer base.

The success of iPhone SE 2 will depend on multiple factors. Now, this may include factors like the design and the specifications. In addition to this, a lot of people may compare it to older models like iPhone XR. This means that the iPhone SE 2 should be better than iPhone XR in terms of performance and specs. Another major factor is how aggressively Apple will price it’s iPhone SE 2. Since the phone is targeting the price sensitive audience, this will be a deciding factor for the success of the new product that will be launched in any of the markets. With some extra discounts on Apple Card, iPhone SE 2 can really prove to be one of the best budget premium smartphones in the market.

So, let us now wait for the new iPhone SE 2 be out and keep watching this space for more updates and news about iPhone SE 2. We will keep you posted.